Certificate of Leadership and Effective Management - Upper Management Track

Both the Certificate of Leadership and Effective Management and the Tribal Leadership Certificate will help you learn how to build and work effectively with teams, communicate effectively with individuals inside and outside your organization, and learn to resolve various types of conflict in the workplace. You will gain practical skills in managing projects while making agile decisions on behalf of your team and organization. Sessions can be taken without earninng a certificate for development in specific areas.
Courses in this package
Management Certificate - Mentoring (February 9-10, 2021) $225.00
Management Certificate - Selecting Strong Talent in Your Organization (March 23-24, 2021) $225.00
Management Certificate - Business Process Improvement (April 20-21, 2021) $225.00
Management Certificate - Design Thinking 101: Driving Successful Customer Relationships (May 25-26, 2021) $225.00
Management Certificate - Micro Business Simulation: A Strategic Innovation Session (June 8, 2021) $240.00
Management Certificate - Strategic Planning (June 22-23, 2021) $225.00
Management Certificate - Problem Solving (July 13-14, 2021) $225.00
Management Certificate - Becoming a Better Communicator: Intro to Social Style and Versatility (September 21-22, 2021) $255.00
Management Certificate - Ethics Under Pressure (October 19-20, 2021) $225.00

Total cost: $ 2,070.00

There are still openings remaining at this time.